Disk Assistant

1. We publish applications store data recovery software, Because the sandbox restrictions,It does not recognize the local disk, We offer you free disk Assistant, Solve the problem can not recognize the local disk;If you have already purchased our data recovery product in the app store,Need to use our website to download the data recovery products,You can ask us for a free serial number.

2. If after running Disk Assistant, the disk list does not show the partitions or disks with lost data, please click: Detailed Steps.
Disk Assistant using the steps:

1. Open Disk Assistant.
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2. Interface automatically refresh, You can scan the local disk.
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3. If Disk Assistant can not run,See the next step.
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4. System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, Please select: "Mac App Store and identified developers".
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Backup partition or disk, recover lost files from backup:
1. Open the disk assistant dmg,Copy the App to a removable disk. The remaining space on the removable disk is larger than the local disk to be backed up.

2. MacOS enters recovery mode: In the off state, Long press Command+R, Press the power button again Start the computer, Until a progress bar appears, Then release the Commang+R key,Successfully enter the recovery mode as shown below:

3. Start the terminal command line tool, as shown below:
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4. Go to the disk helper directory, start the disk assistant, as shown below:
The following figure operation command:
Commands and parameters Instructions
cd / Enter "cd", enter a space, enter "/", press Enter
ls Enter "ls" and press Enter
cd Volumes Enter "cd", enter a space, enter "Volumes" and press Enter
ls Enter "ls" and press Enter
cd Temp Enter "cd", enter a space, enter the disk name, press Enter
ls Enter "ls" and press Enter
./DiskAssistant.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskAssistant Enter"./DiskAssistant.app/Contents/MacOS/DiskAssistant",press Enter
Successfully start the disk assistant as shown below:

4. After you successfully start Disk Assistant, there are two ways to recover lost data:
a、Backup partition or disk, after the backup, restart the computer, load the disk image file recovery lost files.

b、In another computer running data recovery software, enter the IP and port, click the "Connect" button, the connection is successful, you can recover the lost files.

Successfully connected as below:

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